Found in Nature

I am a collector. The beach is my flea market and found objects my inspiration.

Crushed by storms and carved by blowing sand, once familiar forms have lost much of their original shape and purpose. It is my challenge to take them back to my studio and give them a new life.

In the studio I sort the objects into themes. Whether by color, shape or function, a narrative begins to form. As parts of a greater sculptural creation, the individual identities become subsumed; the parts become the building blocks of a new composition. My object groupings are large scale. Arranged on a black background I use a specially built rig to hold the camera. I light the composition to optimize what I feel is the most seductive property of each collection. This creates a flat yet strangely three-dimensional image.

Whether glass bottles, plastic spoons and forks or petrol containers, the intimacy of the work has a universal appeal. The objects I use also represent personal and cultural history and memories fond and haunting.


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