I make images about exploring, examination and collecting. I am interested in cataloguing objects found in nature. My work is photographic and sculptural. By lighting simply and consistently from piece to piece, the collections show a graphic representation of a local or region.

Collect then arrange, add more then remove elements, always looking for an expressive gesture to follow. The process is about reduction. Back and forth between photographing and tweaking the sculpture. An exposure is made, then elements are moved and recomposed and photographed again, sometimes five or six times or until the idea is worked to its end. When the process merges with the subject, the final piece is crafted.

The photographs are made on a white background. These images are purposely arraigned. My photographic approach connects with the early Botanical drawings that explorers brought back from newly discovered worlds.

The historic reference to recording discoveries is my inspiration. Collecting, categorizing and using photography to document what I find is my homage to the mapping new worlds or modern day genome mapping. The activist and scientist in me have found a balance with the artist/photographer.